Dreaming with your eyes open

Science communication projects for Nepal and Burkina Faso.

Grandma stories and the moral stories we learned in school have been the favourites of every child. Lets begin the story, get indulged and start dreaming!

A different idea occurred to us when we were approached to design children’s book for Swiss Tropical Public Health Institute. We were asked to write a story suitable for small childrens. The idea was to emphasize clean environment, good hygiene, nutritious food and balanced diet. In addition to this, we designed a website that displayed the same story.

Further, the successful accomplishment of the story book led us to create a French language version for the people of Burkina Faso with the same story.

  • Client

    Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

  • Delivery

    March - May 2016

  • Project type

    Book design and illustrations

The Problem

A story was to be written that addressed 5 different messages: cleanliness, nutritious food, waste management, balanced diet and nutrition. The book needed colorful illustrations that demonstrated the story along with infographics that provided useful messages to the readers.

The Solution

Firstly, we built the flow of the story keeping in mind all the messages that the story should address. On approval of the story, the task of illustration was started. This artwork illustrated the view of rural hilly area of Nepal. In addition to this, illustrations were made for different infographics. Finally, the artworks and the texts were combined to form a beautiful children's story book.

Later, a website was designed to display the same story. The website had similar outlook as that of the storybook.

Furthermore, on the accomplishment of this story book entitled “Binu dreams of vegetable garden”; the founder asked us to create a Burkina Faso version of the same book.

The Inspiration

Writing a story was quite a challenging task for Expresiv. First and foremost, we divided the task into 3 parts: selection of characters, selection of theme and formation of story flow. Finally, we proceeded with story drafting and editing. The technique of task division enhanced our working speed and quality.

Client Testimonials

It was my first time to work with Expresiv Studios and I was really delighted with their great support and excellent artwork. We had a great time together to develop our two science communication projects, which were widely distributed in Nepal and Burkina Faso. Thanks a lot to the team for timely and outstanding work and commitment!

Jana Gerold, PhD
Scientific Collaborator,
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

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