We are here for the greater good.

Every project big and small at Expresiv is a pilgrimage to perfection. From start to finish, we stand by what we believe in to deliver something spellbinding.

From darkness to light

We are in a journey to solve problems. As we begin to ask questions, investigate and understand the problem, a perpetual life emerges. We love this leap towards light.

Make happy, be happy

We believe in creating happiness. We want our work to make people happy. We need people finding happiness while working with us. Our happiness is both the derivative and confluence of people who work with us.

Dreamers make this world a beautiful place

We respect dreamers because dreamers make this world a beautiful place. That’s why we work with dreamers to build their dreams.

Our Mandala

What has a modern design studio focused entirely on technology-based media got to do with ancient thanka art? How is SDLC even closely related with traditional Buddhism? And most importantly — how do you really show cloud computing in a mandala?

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