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Webapp, iOS/Andriod app and collaterals design for Machnet Technologies.

  • Client

    Machnet Technologies Inc.

  • Delivery

    Retainer since May 2014

  • Project type

    Website, webapp, mobile apps and brand collaterals

Machnet is an international money movement platform under which remittance companies like ThamelRemit, Muncha and Prabhu Money Transfer help the people of Nepal receive money from their loved ones in USA.

This task needed a complete stepwise understanding of the process, compliances and required documents. This included the form that contained the necessary information of the sender, receiver and bank. In addition to this, a mechanism that detected fraud and false input was also needed for secure money transfer. On the other hand, an easy-to-use user dashboard was also required.

Currently, the growth of Machnet has led to the commencement of a mobile application.

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The Problem

With the advancement in the way of sending money, changes required in existing system could not be denied. Therefore, thamelremit transferred their system into MachPay. ThamelRemit was able to provide best exchange rates. However, there was no way to reach out the customers and there was lack of intuitive and scientific way to transfer money.

Machpay, having a system for the cross-border payment processing was in need of an elegant platform. This was an arduous task as the research for complete payment process was needed. Further, an easy-to-use user dashboard was needed. Furthermore, designs for marketing collaterals were also required. Additionally, the company wanted to design the white labelling for the organizations involved in the payment process.

The Solution

Firstly, we spent a couple of weeks researching the payment process followed by the design of a delightful website that made users easy to transfer money. The website also served a purpose for comparing exchange rates from different money transferring agents. Further, we designed a dashboard that helped the sender to track the money that has been transferred. Additionally, we designed a promotional video for the website.

In order to reach out to more customers, we also designed banners for Facebook as a part of Digital Marketing Campaign. The interface clarified the services offered and the working of the system along with the ways to integrate service. Also, we designed the “Bikram Sambat” calendar as a part of promotional activity of ThamelRemit in The United States. The interface clearly described the services offered and how the system worked along with the way to integrate service. In addition to this, we designed the marketing collaterals as well.

We introduced an easy and intuitive way to send money from US to Nepal, India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Haiti and Kenya. As the number of users increased, the need for a mobile app was realized so we designed an Android app for ThamelRemit. The app serves as an easy and secure way to send money.

Client Testimonial

Nepal has always been home of amazing artists. Be it sculpting, carving, painting or inspiring pagodian facades in Asia. Its’s great to see Team Expresiv transform its inherited artistic skills to digital world and sharing Nepal’s gift with the digital world.

I have been now working with team for last 3 years designing UI/UX for our remittance platform. I wanted more of a social platform than a typical financial software. The team was able to understand and internalize the social values I wanted integrated in our platform and whipped out an amazing front end which our users continue to appreciate.

Thank you Expresiv !

Bal K Joshi
President, Machnet Technologies Inc.

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