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Website design for Creative Design Architects.

Creative Design Architects (CeDA) has been in the Nepali architecture design business for a long time; but come winter of 2015 they felt the necessity to rediscover their services and reposition themselves as a modern design company.

  • Client

    Ceda - Creative Design Architects

  • Delivery

    April 2016

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We took a modern design approach and worked up an elegant look for the CeDA website; complete with a cost calculator form; some of their flagship projects highlights and an inside story of their team and philosophies. It was easy to work with them because both them and us we were in design business and that just our mediums were different -- there is something that instantly clicked and made the project possible.

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The Problem

The already existing website of CEDA didn’t meet the requirement of the modern design aesthetics. The requirement for a new, modern website could not be denied. There was also the need of cost calculator so that the user could easily calculate the price of the services provided by CEDA.

The Solution

We started with the mockup design in psd for the landing page. Following up the mockup, we started the actual designing of the pages for the website. A pretty challenging task in the design was to build an attractive and convenient cost calculator.

Unlike having all the selection boxes in a single page, we approached with a design that went stepwise. Each step is a part of the form that offered the customer with options to select the type and quantity of the services required. At the end, the total cost is displayed as per the customer's requirements. Users can easily know about the services provided and the recent updates. Users now were able to calculate the cost of the services of CEDA using cost calculator.

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